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Although a particular sound is heard similarly by people of different cultures, it is often expressed through the use of different consonant strings in different languages. For example, the snip of a pair of scissors is cri-cri in Italian,[1] riqui-riqui in Spanish,[1] terre-terre[1] or treque-treque[citation needed] in Portuguese, krits-krits in modern Greek,[1] cëk-cëk in Albanian,[citation needed] and katr-katr in Hindi.[citation needed] Similarly, the "honk" of a car's horn is ba-ba (Han: 叭叭) in Mandarin, tut-tut in French, pu-pu in Japanese, bbang-bbang in Korean, bært-bært in Norwegian, fom-fom in Portuguese and bim-bim in Vietnamese.[citation needed]